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Maraya, AlUla

‘Maraya’, or mirror in Arabic, is a purpose-built event venue in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. A gem of Saudi’s new north-west, Maraya is a cornerstone of Saudi’s ambitious development plans and now represents a world-class event venue.

Covered entirely in mirrors the building is a stunning visual, reflecting the impressive natural landscape of AlUla – seemingly built with sand and stars, there are few comparisons globally that can match up to the awe-inspiring first impressions of Maraya. Beyond first glances, Maraya is a modern wonder in a place of ancient wonders. AlUla itself is home to many thousands of years of history - a crossroads of civilizations since 6 BCE. In a place driving change and vision, there is nowhere more fitting to bring your event and add to the incredible history of one of Saudi Arabia’s most precious places.