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Ali Gatie

Fri 28 Feb 2020

Doors: 18:30 GST

Continuing in the tradition of having upcoming bands and singers enthral audiences in an intimate venue, Rock The Rotunda is proud to present Ali Gatie, who will be performing at The Rotunda on Feb 28 2020. Ali is a Toronto-based rapper, singer and song-writer. Audiences will love that he spent a few years of his childhood in UAE before moving to Canada, so he’s no stranger to the Emirates.

In 1997 Ali was born in Yemen to Iraqi parents. He spent a number of years of his childhood in Dubai before his family moved to Toronto, Canada.    
Ali is very in touch with his Arab roots. He credits a lot of his music-making philosophy to the traditional Arab values of generosity and hospitality that his parents raised him with and he's never shy of speaking about his culture online. 

Since It's You's release last week, the track has gone #1 in Malaysia and most Arab countries.
Ali Gatie performs for the first time in Dubai on 28 February. Get tickets today!

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